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Early Childhood Music Classes at Your Convenience

My aim with Driveway Tunes is to offer early childhood music and movement classes that are not only creative and interactive, but also convenient. My hope is that these classes will provide a unique experience that children will enjoy and, ultimately, foster a long-term love of music.


My approach is collaborative, as I work closely with each family to determine their interests and needs in class, as well as what their children are interested in. By asking questions and listening to the children in the class, I can incorporate their creative ideas and make music more engaging and accessible. I strive to customize Driveway Tunes classes for each family!



It's simple! You get the group together and pick the location, I come to that location and facilitate a super fun and unique music class! Classes can be held on a weekly basis or as a one-time event. It's up to you!


I start with a conversation about what you are looking for in a music class. 

From there, we work together to decide on the appropriate length, frequency of classes,  and scheduling.


My aim is to provide unique experiences for every class. Instead of relying on a set model or curriculum, I prefer to use a collaborative and child-focused approach to create content for classes. 

For weekly classes, I typically include greeting and goodbye songs to mark the start and end of each session. The rest of the class is where the fun begins! We could experiment with percussion instruments, discover the sounds of different orchestras, delve into musical concepts such as tempo and dynamics, choreograph a dance routine, write a silly song, or even practice literacy and numeracy skills... I listen to the children in the class and incorporate their ideas and interests into the music curriculum. 


For occasional or one-time classes, I will work with you to find the perfect balance of singing, instrument play, movement, and more to create a personalized class.


Four factors determine class prices

1. Length of Class (30-minutes, 45-minutes, 60- minutes)

2. Number of children

3. Frequency of Classes (1-time event, 1x/week, 2x/month…)

4. Location (Additional travel fees may be charged if more than 20 miles from Bethesda, MD)


*I will provide a quote with rates per class after I find out your family’s needs. 

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