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Relationship Based

  • I strongly believe that the foundation of successful therapy lies in the therapeutic relationship. Both the client and therapist must establish mutual respect and trust in order to achieve progress. Since every individual is unique, I understand that each therapeutic relationship is also unique. Therefore, I adapt my therapeutic approach to suit the needs of each client and build a relationship based on their individual level. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in therapy.

Client Led

  • My aim is to actively listen to my clients and work in a way that suits them best. I understand that each client is unique and I will collaborate with other therapists to achieve their IEP goals. However, I do not believe in forcing progress by making my clients perform specific tasks just for the sake of collecting data. This approach does not reflect true progress and does not necessarily apply to other situations. Instead, I prefer to work with my clients in a way that is natural and beneficial for them and led by their interests.


  • I don't anticipate every therapy session to be fantastic, but the most significant progress can come from the most difficult moments.

Collaborative Approach

  • I don't solely work with clients, but also with their family, other providers, and their community. Progress doesn't occur in isolation, which is why everyone involved in an individual's life must be dedicated to listening and comprehending them. Instead of attempting to alter them to conform to our own standards and norms, we must strive to understand them.

Profesional Development

  • As an individual, I acknowledge that I do not possess all the knowledge in the world and I am continuously learning and adjusting my own ways of doing things. I understand that I may not always have the solutions to every problem, but I am committed to my own professional development and evolving my practices by actively hearing out my clients and acknowledging their life experiences. I value feedback and appreciate those who point out my errors to help me broaden my outlook.

Documentation & Ethics

  • I follow music therapy standards of practice and ethics, keeping session notes and setting achievable goals that prioritize the client's best interests and consider the parent/caregiver's interests.

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